Ecommerce Market place


Ecommerce Market place

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Ecommerce Market place Package:

●Advanced Marketplace Catalogue:
   Multi-vendor listings, dynamic product displays, detailed descriptions, and customer reviews.
●Multi-Platform Compatibility:
  Native iOS/Android apps, responsive web design.
●Diverse Payment Solutions:
  Multiple gateways, high-security measures.
●Vendor Management:
  Dedicated dashboards, sales tracking, inventory management.
●Customer Engagement Tools:
  Customizable notifications, marketing tools.
●Complete Source Code Ownership.
●Robust Admin Dashboard:
  Overall marketplace management, analytics.
●Enhanced Customer Accounts:
  Order history, wishlists, secure logins.
●SEO and Social Media Integration.
●Continuous Support:
   Post-launch technical assistance, regular updates.
Delivery includes a clear timeline, revision phases, and post-launch support.
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Ecommerce Market place

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