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We’re proud of what we’ve built.

Gully2global provides its clients a platform to connect with users, build brand reputation, sell their products, or even provide their products through their web-based applications. 

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations scale successfully and build beautifully. Here are list of clients to name a few:

Indian Talent Olympiad

The “ITO – Indian Talent Olympiad” app is a streamlined educational tool for Olympiad exam preparation. It offers mock tests in subjects like Science, Math, English, and more, helping students understand exam patterns and improve academic performance.

The Army Museum

The Army Museum App, designed by Gully2Global, is a digital museum showcasing army artifacts. Each artifact, when clicked, triggers an audio narration detailing its history and features. This app offers an interactive and informative journey through military history, bringing artifacts to life with just a tap.

SRT Groceries

SRT Groceries App, developed by Gully2Global, epitomizes everyday shopping convenience. With the tagline ‘Everyday Convenience at Your Fingertips,’ it promises a smarter, more efficient grocery shopping experience. The app’s comprehensive functionalities include easy product browsing, hassle-free ordering, and timely home delivery, transforming the way you shop for daily essentials.

Surya Auditorium

The Surya Auditorium App, created by Gully2Global for army personnel, offers a streamlined movie booking and food ordering experience, enhancing leisure time with convenience and ease.

Power TV

Power TV News App, crafted by Gully2Global, is your go-to source for the latest news updates. This app brings you breaking news, in-depth analysis, and exclusive stories from around the world, all at your fingertips. It’s designed to keep you informed and engaged with the current affairs that matter most.

Varun Mishra Music

Designed by Gully2Global, varunmishramusic.com is a vibrant digital space celebrating Varun Mishra, an acclaimed figure in Indian Classical Music. The website features his albums, performances, and showcases his musical heritage and accolades, offering a window into his artistic world.

Production House


Gaurish Akki Studio is a Production House that produces Ads, Documentaries, Corporate Films and YouTube videos.


We have developed a beautiful  ecommerce website for jarganic on Wix Platform, Jar’ganic is a  fruit-based venture that wants to provide a go-to jar ‘Jam’ Packed with nutrients and love!

DVN Exports

DVN Exports

Developed a dynamic website to DVN exprts in record 2 days time, with very high quality content. 

Grand Celebrations banquet

World class design was incorporated to develop website to this exceptionally good client. Website is multi device resonsive, user friendly and aesthetically very pleasing.

Digital marketing


Static website at very affordable prices developed in record 1 day time. 

Flutech Interiors

Its an custom made Project Management app for the Flutech Interiors which was built on flutter language and deployed on both ios and android platforms. It contains

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Labour Management
  • Attendance Management and many more.


Its an personal Social Media for the leader of the constituency. It contains features like

  • Posting pictures and videos 
  • Posting story
  • Complaint Management
  • Actively access Scholarship and Government Schemes
  • Scheduling the meeting with MLA and many more


Shubhra Agnihotri

Social media consultancy services provided to one of our most beloved client. 

Shubra Agnihotri
Raj News Kannada Youtube

Social media Consultancy

Raj News Kannada Youtube

Actively involved in Raj news’ entire social media Consultancy from Youtube to facebook to instagram. 

State of the art diagnostic centre

Veda Diagnostics center

Developed Hospital Management ERP Software with wide ranging features like Patient database management, Blling, HR communication,etc.


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