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How does Digital Marketing benefit businesses?

Digital marketing is important to reach the people where they are and to showcase to them your service or product or your personality. Within the past couple of years, since the pandemic, the importance of digital marketing has become an integral part of what a business is to its customers.

Having a strategy with clear aims and goals and knowing your customer base and your customer destination plays an important role in digital marketing.  

Digital marketing or online marketing strategy is to attract, convert, explore and delight. Many people across the world spend their time online daily. They are browsing the internet and looking for products. Embracing social media such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, monitoring and measuring your website hits and online sale rates. 

Identifying and analysing the competitor is one of the main and key activities in digital marketing. All these help in keeping up with the competition mostly with fast-growing brands such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipcart, Ajio, Big basket etc. A strong brand reputation is a must to have a good marketing advertisement. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing:- 

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Channels to Boost your Traffic
  • More Targeted Audience Reach
  • Offline and online integration
  • Increase in Brand Awareness for small businesses\ Scale the Business very fast
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Engagement And Retention
  • Increase customer loyalty with Frequent Communications
  • Compete with large corporations

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What is search engine optimization?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization which can help you to rank your website. (E.g. in Google or any other search engine it decides your ranking on the basis of number of times your website is viewed or visited.)

As soon as you submit your link, website, YouTube video or blog to the search engine, Google’s robotic tool or SEO robotic tool will view your link, website, YouTube video or blog and check the algorithm. The search engine will review how many algorithms have you followed.

Based on how have you followed the algorithm or how well you have used the algorithm, based on that your videos, websites and blogs will be ranked. 

So the basic work of SEO is to decide the ranking of your website or to give a ranking on what you upload.

To rank on top of search engine optimization you have to follow a few small, simple and effective tips. 


  • Always find 3 to 4 keywords that can help you create content for further use.

You may ask how to find keywords and based on what?

So here is how you can find the keywords. Check the questions asked by the customers, viewers, visitors, or the public in bogs, websites or on social media that can help you turn the questions into keywords.

  • Go to any website where the public hangs out or is having a discussion, that is where you can find keywords.


  • Once you get your keywords, you have to create amazing content. If the content is not good or catchy then that might drop your ranking.
  • Content should be lengthier because long contents get more links than short content. Long contents get 77% more backlinks than shorter content.

The audience judges the site on design first and then on the content that is published. This does not mean that the website design has to be colourful or should be filled throughout. If the website is simple, minimal colour usage and the content should be appropriate. This can help your website, videos and blogs get a good rank in SEO.

Digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content writing and many more help in getting a good SEO rank.

Digital Marketing

Why do we need search engine optimization?

In this article, we’ll talk about what search engine optimization is and how it can help boost your online visibility. We’ll also explain some of the techniques and tools that you can use to get started.

SEO (search engine optimization) will help people search or get to know about your website. It ranks your website and can get you good sales or services based on ranking.

As there is billions of website, it is difficult for people to search your website. There are chances of your website getting buried so search engine plays a major role. So search engine optimization helps to know where the business stands and what rank is the business in or given.

Not only does search engine optimization gets ranking but it also gets likes found and notice in search engines.

SEO attracts pertinent traffic. It is much more than just achieving top ranking. The right type of web traffic is very critical for your business, as it helps to convert them into potential customers.

This means that regardless of the type of products or services that you offer, your target audience is likely looking for similar products and services to Google. Your target audience is most likely searching for products and services similar to what you offer.

Profitability comes from successfully converting your traffic into subscribers and then warm leads. So therefore SEO completely helps in targeting relevant visitors to your website for more customers and more sales.

SEO builds trust and credibility as we can make our brand stronger and better and well recognized. At present people Google’s your website if you are on top of the search engine result page it goes a long way in boosting their trust and credibility. 

SEO help’s in building your brand, converting your project or service into a plan.  While branding is often considered a more established marketing strategy, the same steps can be done concerning SEO.

So the conclusion of why do we need SEO is that people can get familiar with your brand and if SEO gives good ranking people will often visit your website and can get you a top brand or service or product views.

Digital Marketing

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