E-COMMERCE Website Design and Development (Gully2City)


E-COMMERCE Website Design and Development (Gully2City)


DELIVERY-TIME (Only 15 Days) with 3 Mock-Ups.
E-Commerce web pages are written in languages such as: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React-native etc. and can also be done Using tools like WordPress, WIX, Shopify, etc. 
  • 1 Free Domain ( .com / .in ).
  • Theme Based or can be changed accordingly
  • 100% All Devices Responsive.
  • Email Integration.
  • Free Maintenance up to 1 Months after Launch
  • Woocommerce Based.
  • Multi Lingual Options Free Of Cost
  • up to 1-3 Revision Ui/UX Designs.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Live chat and Social media
  • Admin and Seller Dashboards
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Promocode Generation
  • Order Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Editable Banners
  • Invoicing
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Vendor Account Integration
  • Special Offers & Promotions
  • SEO Setup
  • 10-25 Product Images
  •  Hosting support on Hostinger
Pages will remain the same until someone changes it manually.
E-Commerce web pages are written in languages such as: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. and can also be done Using tools like WordPress, WIX, Shopify, etc.
With an estimated 12 million to 24 million active E-Commerce sites around the world, it’s easy for an online store to get lost in the crowd.
The key to standing out?
Top-notch website development that gives customers the experience they need.
Ecommerce website development is the process of developing the technical aspects of your ecommerce website — how it functions, accepts payments, behaves in response to user action and appears aesthetically.
Valued at $11 Billion in 2022, the web development services industry opens the door for business owners to launch user-friendly websites and solve their most pressing ecommerce challenges, which could include:
  • Determining the right features and functionality for your ecommerce project.
  • Understanding which ecommerce framework might work best for you.
  • Integrating ecommerce into a current website site or website template.
According to the Nasdaq, by 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of purchases will be done through ecommerce.
Our development process begins with market research, finding business objectives, required data collection, finding the business objective, and identifying the feasibility of the project.
After the deep market analysis and data gathering, we create wireframes that support creating simple and interactive web design.
In this phase, we place all the pages and contents in a CMS where we develop the other website’s elements and web pages.
We follow standard testing methods to test the website`s performance, bugs, and other crucial aspects.
After completing the testing process, we help you to deploy the final version of your website on the specified platform.
Your Idea, Our Execution: – Perfect Combination to BEGIN something NEW and increase your Online Presence in Global Market with Gully2Global. LET’S JOIN HANDS TO BUILD LEGACY.


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E-COMMERCE Website Design and Development (Gully2City)

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