Social Media Marketing(Gully2City)


Social Media Marketing(Gully2City)


This includes services like:
  • 2 Accounts Management (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Weekly 3-4 Posts
  1. Marketing efforts take 2-3 month’s  time to reflect Hence Have patience and trust the process.


Platforms marketing
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram / Facebook
  • Youtube Marketing
  1. Instagram/Facebook marketing Goal:
    1. Increasing engagement on every post in the form of likes, shares and comments
    2. Collaborating with Influencers to gain wider reach and credibility
    3. To post innovative, Creative content every
  • Creation of business/professional account
  • Bio/description writing
  • Posting Weekly 3-4 Posts or 6-7 Posts as per requirement
  • Content Should be well researched, Attractive, Creative and Engaging
  • Engaging with Followers
  • Hashtag Research and Analysis
  • Weekly 1 Campaign Creation and Monitoring of the promotional activity
  • Searching for relevant hasgtags in explore and interacting with individuals/companies inorder to make them our followers
  • Connecting with Influencers and Undertaking Collaboration activities with them.
  • Spreading the word to our followers on our individual profiles
  • Every post should be free from Plagiarism
  • Researching the time of the day, day of the week which gets maximum traction for the post and likewise posting the
  • Researching colour of post and the manner of post which gets maximum attention and incorporating them in our content.
  • Content should be diverse such as
    1. Question and answer type post
    2. Informative Content
    3. Reels
    4. Videos
    5. Story
    6. IGTv



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Social Media Marketing(Gully2City)

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